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clear pores reviews
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Clearpores Reviews

Clearpores reviews

The other day I came across a cartoon in the paper where a father tells his 16 year old son, “Son, you are 16 today and I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you can now date girls, the bad news is that your face is going to be covered in pimples.”

This cartoon made me realize, what a pandemonium acne really is. I mean seriously, for any given person, one pimple is torturous enough but when there is a whole mine field of them, just imagine the trauma.

Acne & Skin Cleansing Solution

I do not mean to be dramatic but seriously, acne can be really dreadful. I found this out when my cousin was suffering from it and how she had tried all the products you can name. She came to visit me in the hospital one day, ironically, I was sitting with a colleague who happened to be a skin specialist.

Now believe me a doctor can spot a patient miles away. Anyway, my colleague pointed out to my friend that her over zealous application of foundation will make her problem worse.

When my cousin whined about how no product works for her, so my colleague handed her, Clearpores.

Complete Facial & Cleansing Kit

“This is not any product, you get acne because of pores that are clogged. Clearpores skin cleasening skin system is a complete acne treatment system. It is 100% natural herbal supplement has been carefully formulated to fight your acne from the INSIDE out.

The natural herbals nurture the body’s capacity to remain free of bacteria, such as acne bacteria, they help regulate normal functioning of the hormones associated with acne.

It flushes out acne-causing toxins, revitalizes your skin, long story short you will finally have the opportunity to break the cycle of flare ups by maintaining your skin's natural cycle of rejuvenation.”

Two weeks later, my cousin had smooth skin, all thanks to Clearpores.

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